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A site having name based on the technology blogging blog platform. Social Media, WordPress, tips and tricks, online blogging, hosting, online money making would be the most prior topic of this site. Technology and inventions are being modified and getting changed day to day. It is being the natural rule of change. There would be lots of changes to the technology and media. Especially in the web and internet it gets huge change by less time period. We appreciate the changes on these as well. To keep alert as well to be flowed with it the site has formed.

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What the site includes?

It is generally the blog platform site based on wordpress. We do keep lots of stuffs relating to wordpress and social media as well some other tips tricks relating to the time and the needs. People basically need the topic that is on going as well on demand topic. Thus the site Add In Plus has been created to lunch the topics that is been needing to the people or just say for you.

We include over here are: (more…)

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