10 tips for success in social media

Greetings fellow entrepreneurs and people that you are interested in the business. I’m going to give 10 tips to improve the quality of their social networks and thus, improve the relationship with its public. They must take into account that although this may seem simple, the majority of people this, forget it receipt time spam, […]

4 tips for business social networks

Social networks are one of the factors that most is changing how you sell, how to explore, interact, and the way we communicate in the present. However, the reality is that 75% of companies do not have a defined plan, nor a specific strategy when social networking is. Data on social networks As well as […]

11 basic tips on Twitter

Twitter for me is one of the networks most important in the world to do marketing, to position your personal branding, and to give public. Never in history has been so easy to return you a grandee with networks as it is now Twitter, therefore, I would like to give you some tips Twitter so […]